Saturday, June 4, 2011


Tuesday evening we planned to go up Table Mountain and view the sunset. Another huge disappointment, they closed 5 minutes before we arrived:(

Table Mountain.

Beautiful view from the sky.

The girls and I went to the pool at the apartments to swim and sun tan.

Samantha in the eternity pool at the apartments.

A nice view from our apartment. Although we stayed here for 3 nights we all agreed that we could have stayed an extra day!

After lunch we took a helicoper ride around the CapeTown area.

Our first time in a helicopter.

Cindy, George and I took the bigger helicopter.

Cindy wants to take over the pilot seat!

Samantha and Eric followed us in a smaller helicopter.

The new soccer stadium built for the world cup.

Birds eye view of the Cape Town Bay area.

Tuesday was full of disappointments, we had booked to take a trip to Robin Island but unfortunately there was a strike with the workers and so our trip was cancelled. However. we made the best of the day. Above are some fun things we did.


  1. Wow really beautiful. I don't think this turned out to be a disappointing day at all! The view from the helicopter is amazing.

  2. I miss my mission city - Cape Town so much!

  3. looks like an amazing trip! I never knew George was a twin?:-)
    love to you both!