Saturday, June 4, 2011


Tuesday evening we planned to go up Table Mountain and view the sunset. Another huge disappointment, they closed 5 minutes before we arrived:(

Table Mountain.

Beautiful view from the sky.

The girls and I went to the pool at the apartments to swim and sun tan.

Samantha in the eternity pool at the apartments.

A nice view from our apartment. Although we stayed here for 3 nights we all agreed that we could have stayed an extra day!

After lunch we took a helicoper ride around the CapeTown area.

Our first time in a helicopter.

Cindy, George and I took the bigger helicopter.

Cindy wants to take over the pilot seat!

Samantha and Eric followed us in a smaller helicopter.

The new soccer stadium built for the world cup.

Birds eye view of the Cape Town Bay area.

Tuesday was full of disappointments, we had booked to take a trip to Robin Island but unfortunately there was a strike with the workers and so our trip was cancelled. However. we made the best of the day. Above are some fun things we did.

Tuesday, May 31, 2011


We stayed in a three Bedroomed, three Bathroomed apartment that was so luxurious. Every Bedroom had it's own access to the balcony. Although this picture is blurred it shows the beautiful view from the balcony. The apartment was a block away from Cape Town Waterfront.

We climbed up to the top of Cape Point, and saw some beautiful views of where the two oceans meet.

Day View from the balcony of our apartment.

Later that evening a view from the same spot.

After climbing up Cape Point, we all went to the beach but only Eric and Cindy braved the freezing ocean. The ocean water in Cape Town is almost as cold as the ocean water in San Fransisco. The reason for this is the cold Southern Benguela Current washes onto the shores of Cape Town.

Chrystal clear water. View from the top of Cape Point.

Eric had his photograph taken with some school kids at the waterfront. Most children in South Africa wear school uniforms.

At the top of Cape Point at the lighthouse.

I'm pleased Cindy didn't fall off, as the wind was really quite vicious! Marilyn Monroe has nothing on this child of mine:)

On our way to the beach.

She did it!

Freezing Cold.

Sam refused to be persuaded to go in.

Even the beach sand is as cold as ice.

After the "braai" at Charleen's home on Sunday we hurried to the airport and took a flight to Cape Town. Candice's (Garry's 2nd child) boyfriend is a pilot and he organised for George to fly in the cockpit. That was one of the highlights of the holiday for George! We arrived in Cape Town at approx. 7p.m. Sunday evening and after settling into our apartment we went and had supper on the V & A Waterfront. Above are some photo's of the things we did on Monday.

Monday, May 30, 2011


Springs Boys High School. This is where Garreth attended High School (grade 8 to grade 12)

This was the first home George and I purchased. 14 Cactus Street, Nigel.

Our home in Selcourt, 10 Willoughby Rd. We had just replaced the children's bathroom and then we moved to America. We did not have the opportunity to enjoy the fruits of our labors.

Nigel Primary School's Kindergarten class where Renata Stefani and I taught. Looks very different, although they have the same playground equipment we purchased. We had colourful disney characters painted on the classroom walls. My classroom theme was 'The Bears Lair' , the spare classroom was 'The Mouse House' and Renata's classroom was 'The Lions Den'.

All my children went to Nigel Primary School (grade 1 to grade 7). Funny because it is the same school I went to (grade 2 to grade 7). I met my lifelong friends Eileen (in 2nd grade) and Bonny (in 3rd grade).
It was in this park in Selcourt that Samantha was riding a quad when she had an accident that frightened the heck out of me and her dad. Garreth proved to be a hero that day when he jumped over the fence of the home of friends, t0 use their telephone (these were the days before every child owned a cell). He called an ambulance and then he called George. We were on our way to Johannesburg when we received the call. It was the only time I didn't complain at George for speeding. All those who know me will thing this funny:)

Sam and Cindy said that this slide in Nigel had 'shrunk' from when they had gone down it as children.

The nature reserve in Nigel where they kept ducks, ostrich, springbuck, and flamingo's.

The mill in Nigel.

We didn't go to church, which is very unusual, because S.A. wards and branches had general conference which we had seen the week before. So feeling like a fish out of water, we spent the day reminiscing by visiting places from the past. Later on Sunday afternoon Charleen and Sias envited us to a "braai". Delicious, especially the borewors, potjiebread, and desserts.

Sunday, May 29, 2011


Samantha, Alexis and Andrea.

The beautiful couple. May the future bring love, children and happiness!

Tanya Reed was in Melissa's class in Primary School.

Three friend from Nigel.

I'm so thrilled that we were able to share this special occasion with Rebecca.

Malcolm Percival walking his stunning daughter down the isle. We arrived a little late but Bex saw us from a distance and waited for us to be seated before entering. Love that girl!

Alexis Carboni another friend from Sam's school years looked really beautiful. How quickly they became women!

Samantha and the Bridesmaid Andrea. Andrea gave a speech during the reception and she gave some really good advise to the newlyweds eg. "Let all your 'ups and downs' happen in the bedroom!":)

This photo with Eric and Samantha shows the lovely venue chosen for the wedding, in the Magaliesburg!

Liz Percival the gracious mother of the beautiful bride and Wesley Percival the only brother of the bride with the Longs.

Samantha and Rebecca were friends when they were both in diapers. During their kindergarten and primary school years they were inseperable and then we moved to America.

After our open house, George and I stayed at my brother Garry's home. We slept through the night and only woke up at 11am the next day. Four of us rushed off to Rebecca Percival's wedding while Cindy spent the afternoon visiting her good friend Emma. Above are some photo's of the stunning bride. We had fun at the reception and enjoyed the company of many friends.

Saturday, May 28, 2011


My wonderful childhood friends Bonny and Eileen.

George and me with our dear friends Mike and Loukia Lerious. It was really emotional seeing them after all these years.

George and his twin sister Louise on the left, and his older sister Elenore on the right.

My dear uncle Bob Beech and his wife. Uncle Bob encouraged our romance when we first started dating. We both lived in Johannesburg in his home in 10 Observatory Avenue, Observatory.

Samantha Long and Emily Holmes.

Samantha, Cindy, Kirsten, Hayden, Louise and Martin. Cousins from George's side of the family. Cameron, Melissa and Garreth you were sorely missed!

George and his beautiful twin sister.

Amber, my brother Garry's only granddaughter. She is so cute!

My three siblings, Garry, Michael, and Valmai with my mother in the middle.

Garry and Wilma, George and I, mother, Michael and Rina, Valmai and Andrew.

Sias and Charleen with little bo peep Amber. Samantha, Eric and Cindy stayed at their lovely home while we were in the Gauteng area. Thanks guys!

All the cousins on my side of the family including Sias and Eric. Christle and Michelle you were sorely missed. From back left Andy, Jessica, Chantal, Sias, Charleen, Cindy, Candice, Samantha and Eric.

My dad's brother Uncle Bob. He was like a father to me.

My cousin Kevin Pienkie with my mother and her only living sibling Aunty Trudie.

Mother and Auntie Trudie. I guess I know what I will look like in a few years.

My dearest friends Hetta and Heater. I love you both sooooo much.

Beautiful girls, mine and Garry's second daughters.

Beautiful youngest child of mine and Elenore.

My cousin Anthony and his lovely wife.

Best Buds Samantha and Nadine.

My two daughers with their lovely cousin Kirsten.

Lorraine and Valmai. Friends from birth.

Cindy and her best friend Samantha Honeyborne

After a 25hour trip from home, four jet-lagged excited folk met George, Garry, Wilma and beautiful Jessica at the Jan Smuts Airport (oops Oliver Tambo Airport). George had arrived in South Africa the day before in order to make last minute preperations for the open house. We went from the airport to the open house. Above are some photographs taken at the open house. on our first day in South Africa.